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March 23, 2011


In 2008, I met Petra Kolber a world-renowned fitness/health educator and trainer with the-girl-next-door warmth.

Oh, the loveliness of this woman! Radiant and regal without any pretense,  Petra has magic as an instructor and the sparkle of a celebrity. I was an instant fan.

When we met I had separated from my husband and was preparing to reenter the workforce. I remember sharing the angst and elation about restarting my life; Petra was closely attuned.

She ignited a light: magnificence lies ahead . . .  keep going.

Through Petra, I’m becoming acquainted with her beloved Michael Port,  author of Book Yourself Solid  and The Think Big Manifesto  (He’s the one to call, when you don’t want to think small)

She can’t stop herself from bubbling over about him. 

All I can say is that she has met her match. Meet the Couple Most Likely to Inspire.

I share Michael’s post from today. Truly, words inspire actions.

Actions will bring us to the magnificence that lies ahead.


Your Think Big  Revolution by Michael Port



You Say You Want A Revolution … 

Your think big revolution starts today and tomorrow.

It started yesterday.

These 9 statements are your proclamation, call to action, inspiration, and catalyst.

Start your day with them.

Start your revolution.

I will stand for something.

I will identify what I stand for through a concerted process of self-questioning and exploration to discover my core, the what that is so me.

I will make public what I stand for. I will hold myself visibly accountable each day to its letter and spirit.

I will be independent

I will be comfortable with who I am right now and know that I am good enough.

I will use my innate talents and gifts to do big things in the world. I will not give up in the face of others’ fear or disbelief.

I will collaborate.

I will be a person others want to work with.

I will work with others without hidden or selfish intent to accomplish our mutual goals in the service of what each of us stands for.

I will be comfortable with discomfort.

I will not seek control.

I will make visible my purpose, make promises in its service, and take risks to fulfill my commitments.

I will make promises and fulfill them.

I will be an authentic person, one whom others can rely on.

I will make hard promises that push me to the best of my capacity.

I will not try to fulfill. I will.

I will submit to authority to be an authority.

I am here to learn.

I will deliberately seek out wise and true teachers and submit to the authority of the constraints they create in the service of our goals.

I will be in integrity.

I will be congruent in private and in public, in purpose and in action. I will act in the spirit, light, and service of what I stand for.

I will be strong.

I am a warrior.

I will train to be strong psychologically, intellectually, and physically, so that I may have the fortitude to do the big things I am capable of.

I will have fun.

I will embrace chaos and joy.

I will let go of the false notion of control and laugh at the inevitable absurdity of existence, mine above all.

I will do all of this now.

I will be now. I am now.

I will not wait for the other in the false security of excuses and procrastination.

I will do it now.

March 21, 2011

Zen in Zumba

Free your mind, the rest will follow.

What if we could live la vida Zumba in a competition-free-zone?  Can we forget the cameras, mirrors, the numbers, the crowd? The clothes? While “ditching the workout,” let’s also ditch our fears of how we look, how well we dance (or teach), whether we get it right. Join the party! Let the ego go and rock the flow.

This isn’t American Idol. Zumba is a win-win. Let’s enjoy this robust good-for-us music- and dance-filled passion. As my Grandma used to say, what’s not to love?  But, if we’re honest, students and teachers alike might let fear or insecurities drown out even the most provocative beat. It can throw us off.

This yogi is on a mission to find more Zen in Zumba.  Let’s bring a namaste mentality into classes and clubs.

The light in me respects and bows to the light in you.

What’s a party without lights? Let em all shine.

March 16, 2011

A lesson in humility from Japan

This lent I am focusing on being less self-involved.  I get easily caught up in ego and woe-is-me moments. Yesterday I wrote the About Me section of this blog  and, boy, did I get wrapped up in it. I edited, I pondered, I tweaked and completely lost track of time. So I’m looking for more support (excuse the expression) getting over myself. And ironically, it is Japan who is coming to my aid in this pursuit.

I saw a CNN news story about Japan’s survival strategy: putting group interest above individual needs. The victims are waiting patiently, organizing themselves, accepting  the scarcity of life-sustaining essentials with dignity, making sure what they take doesn’t prevent another from receiving  food or water.

Usually after a disaster it is a handful of standout heroes who render us speechless with their selflessness. The Japanese victims have shown themselves to be a community of heroes united in coming to each others rescue.

And that is the sobering beautiful truth that moves me – out of me.

As I head into week two of Lent, I bow in deep respect to Japan, send prayers and offer thanks to them for being a light  amid darkness.


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