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June 17, 2011

Enjoy More, Eat Less

Did you know that people who enjoy food more tend to eat less? Ironic and true. Research shows people who savor slowly feel satisfied enough to stop when they’re full.

Check out this great blog on enjoying your food more.

7 Steps to Savor Your Meals

Live well this weekend.

June 16, 2011

Something for Every Body

Like I remember my first kiss, I remember my first yoga class. After running the Boston Marathon, I decided to “pamper” myself and tried yoga for the first time.  The class I walked into was Baptiste power vinyasa — just the opposite of cushy. It was vigorous and fierce;  at moments, more so than a marathon. My saving grace was the amazing angel teacher, Alyssa.  Her power, encouragement and energy ignited the confidence I needed to build strength and breathe easy.

Unlike my first kiss, I fell deeply in love. I was devout. I changed cities but not yoga styles. It took many years, but on Sunday at Love Your Body day I broadened my horizons. Perhaps I had been living too long in Power Yoga, USA, but I was about to see the world!

I arrived early and stayed late, sampling every style of yoga offered. A  one-hour Hatha flow taught by Beloved Yoga  set the stage for the day. Just like our host, Beloved, it was welcoming, opening, and accessible.  Health Advantage Yoga led us through a beginner series, based on Anusara yoga and Iyengar focusing on optimal alignment. As we moved from pose to pose, the teacher briefed us on the benefits to each body part.

The next session was Kundalini, a style most people tend to associate with yoga. You know, sitting cross-legged, chanting, eyes closed. Some may balk; I found beauty in the breathing, in the mantras, in the mudras. Our teacher guided us on a  tour of our energy centers (chakras) that span the body, from pelvic floor to head. The teachers were from Radiant Sun Therapies and let’s how I left their session: radiant.

I tried Bikram Hot Yoga and Ashtanga, two forefathers of Baptiste Power Yoga (the third is Iyengar). I have to say I was finally in over my head during The Rocket . . . a form of Ashtanga and power yoga that launches you into a handstand. I put my hands together for my fellow yogis but I need more practice. I was ready to see more of the yoga world but wasn’t quite ready for outer space. (Jen Niemeyer is teaching The Rocket at Beloved Yoga this Friday night)

Back on Earth, Love Your Body yoga took a fun and festive turn.We rounded up our mats for Synergy Yoga served up family style. We shared poses, partnered up and took turns. After all of  this wonderful  bonding, we got down and jiggy with Let Your Yoga Dance. We moved in and out of yoga poses with freedom with fire to great tunes: Lion King’s Circle of Life, Dirty Dancing’s Do You Love Me and even a mellow James Taylor Shower the People. I loved that everyone I looked at was smiling. It may be called Dance Yoga; I’d call it beaming.

After dancing, we dropped. Wade Morrisette put the perfect finishing touches to Love Your Body day with his guitar and soothing vocals. I stayed for the closing celebration circle, until the very last om. After experiencing so many new things from this ancient practice, I left with a parting mantra:

It’s All Yoga. It’s All Good.

I’m back in the Reston Town Center Pavilion this weekend,  June 17-18, for The Living Well Expo, a part of Taste of Reston. I will be joining Worldgate Sport & Health instructors on stage at 5 p.m. for a Zumba demo. Come out for Reston’s first region-wide health expo inspiring families to live their healthiest lives, presented by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, powered by Radio Disney.

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